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Zombie Diary 2 Evolution gameplay

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Zombie video games have inspired several publishers to generate their possess goods. Nowadays I will review the recreation with the immortal topic of human and zombie battles, Zombie Diary 2: Evolution. At to start with glance, by the identify you may possibly guess that this match is the sequel to Zombie Diary, one of the game titles loved by a lot of mobile gamers. The game has a pretty very simple gameplay does not involve a large amount of capabilities, quite suitable for all those who want to obtain a match to entertain. You just go the character in the path of the horizontal screen and shoot or use expertise to wipe out the zombies together the way.

The story

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution gameplay

The environment in Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is a fantasy entire world in the potential, exactly where zombies seem, they surface everywhere you go, dominate the planet and set people today into the past land. A terrible calamity happens, mankind is on the brink of extinction. As a person of the survivors, you will choose the weapon to eliminate the zombies, guard anyone. The fate of humanity is in your fingers.

In general, the plot is very little unique when compared to other zombie online games, with the crucial undertaking of having your weapon to get rid of zombies. For this match, I feel the plot is really good and there are quite a few mysteries that need you to reply.

Eliminate zombies and help you save the entire world

As described earlier mentioned, when becoming a member of Zombie Diary 2: Evolution, your key activity is to destroy the zombies, but the zombies below are not only showing up in front but they show up and attack you from two sides. You will have to alter the character to both equally sides to damage them all. Ongoing battles are frantic with quickly-paced gameplay so you can engage in all day with out experience bored.

Not only kill zombies like the former variation but Zombie Diary 2: Evolution also presents a lot of jobs that make the game not uninteresting. Normally there are hostage rescue missions, protection missions, etc. After just about every stage, you will acquire money to upgrade and increase your character. The 11 mysterious maps of the activity will deliver you numerous challenges and surprises.

Weapons and equipment

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution weapons

There are additional than 30 weapons in the shop these types of as pistols, rifles, snipers, … even Mecha guns. You can possess it by acquiring from the keep in advance of you get started or pick up on the battlefield. Each individual gun has a unique amount of ammo and destruction. Upgrading weapons is an helpful way to strengthen the toughness of the character and the energy of the gun.

Character method

You can also use the revenue to acquire much more figures. These people not only have different designs and models, but they also individual individual sets of indicators with their personal pros and negatives. Similar to weapons, you can increase your character’s stats by employing medication. For illustration, in the quest to escape, priority is provided to figures with faster speed. Characters who have big armor and HP suit in the hostage rescue mission.


Zombie Diary 2 Evolution graphics

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution is designed by easy 2D graphics. People are designed in a cartoon type, so even if the game has a zombie topic, there are not lots of horror factors or overly bloody. Vibrant match screens and lots of unique places from the road to the lab.


The track record songs in the game is nothing at all exclusive, all just a repetitive melody. Gunfire and zombies are very noisy, in some cases I was startled when a zombie instantly rushed out from the dim.


If you like zombie games, Zombie Diary 2: Evolution might be the alternative you are searching for. Remember to find a suitable edition and obtain this sport to your cellphone. Since of the violence, game titles are confined to ages 17 and up.

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