By | February 23, 2019
TV Lift 1024x576

Can you create a TV lift yourself? Indeed, it is quite easy to do it. You just need to know how. In this review, we’ll offer you detailed instruction on how to build a simple TV lift with the help of a linear actuator. By integrating your TV set into the existing design with the help of this tool, you’ll save the space in your living or dining room.

What is a TV Lift?

TV lifting systems have become an inseparable part of modern interior design. The overriding purpose of this mechanical system is to move your TV-set either vertically or horizontally out of partition walls or ceilings. If you have limited space and you don’t want your television to disrupt the appearance of your room, you can integrate it into the exterior design with the help of a TV lift.

TV Lift 1024x576

Considering the high cost of TV lifts, they are deemed to be a luxury product. Today, you can mostly find these tools in up-scale apartments, yachts or private planes. The modern market offers different types of these devices:

  • Pop-up;
  • Pop-down;
  • Monitor lift system;
  • TV lifts with articulating monitor arm;
  • Wall panel;
  • Picture lift;
  • Projector lift.

Right now, we’ll show how to build an ordinary drop down TV lifting system with the help of linear actuators 12 volt. Keep in mind that a linear actuator is a key component which performs the motion.

Tips on Making a Drop Down TV Lift

Linear Actuator TV Lift DIY 1024x768

We have explained the main purpose of a TV lift, so now you might want to learn how to build it yourself. Browsing the web, you’ll find countless ways to do this but we offer the simplest one. Following this instruction, you will build a TV lift in the kitchen (in the cupboard above the sink). As a result, you’ll have a chance to hide your TV set and drop it down from the cabinet when necessary.

The first thing you should do is make a hole in the cabinet base (it must be a little bit wider than the television width). Your next step is to take two guide rails and add them to the back of the cabinet base. Your television mounting board will be screwed onto them.

The preliminary stage is over and now you need to mount the linear actuator. Place it horizontally at the top of your cabinet. Thanks to the linear actuator, the TV set can easily move up and down. You’ll attach the cable to the TV and the actuator will pull it and lift it up when necessary.

Your next task is to connect the wires of the linear actuator to the wires of the remote control set. Don’t forget to add the battery to the remote control. Take a remote control set in your hands and press the up and down buttons. In doing so, you’ll check whether the actuator runs correctly.

Only a few steps left! Take the mounting board and tack it up to the guide rails. Make sure that it runs smoothly.

Take the pulley cable which usually has two cable clamps and add it to the mounting board. Take the remote control set, press the down button and extend the linear actuator. In doing so, you’ll choose the correct length of the cable! Now your goal is to attach the TV to the mounting board. You should feed the cable through this board. If you have excess cable, just cut it off.

Voila, our project is done! Now, it is your turn to create a TV lift with the help of a linear actuator. You can definitely buy high-quality TV lifts from any online store, but if you have spare time and the desire, you can easily do it yourself!

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